We provide a broad range of contract management services including claims management, dispute resolution, and mediation. We assist our clients in the preparation, analysis, and resolution of construction claims and disputes at all stages.

Contract Management

For both main and sub-contractors, such services comprise advice on correspondence, sound practice for contract administration and dispute avoidance.

Claims for Delay and Costs

Whilst delays may seem inevitable, there are measures available that can mitigate the effects and later ensure optimum financial outcome.

Dispute Resolution

Under the overriding desirability of avoiding arbitration, differences can be avoided by resolving issues before they become disputes using the techniques of amicable resolution, mediation and perhaps adjudication.

Other Services

Covering a wide range of services including contract drafting, commercial and contractual advice, risk analysis and claim preparation.


Resolving contract disputes amicably, speedily and with minimum cost to avoid arbitration.