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Claims strategy

The objectives can be examined and an appropriate strategy developed.

Claims preparation

Typically, claims can arise at any time during a project’s life but the requests for claims advice invariably arises at three times:-

at commencement: - ensuring evaluation and payment as work proceeds during the design and construction phase: - to cover specific unplanned events and to ensure good record keeping after completion: - where claims submitted have not been agreed or paid and require review and skilful amendment for a persuasive and comprehensive argument.

A successful claim – or defence – must show a link between cause and effect and be concise, clear and accurate.

Claims appraisal

It can occasionally be the case that the best advice may be to abandon pursuit (or defence) of a claim where contractual or factual data fail to support the claim.

Delay analysis

Most claims centre upon delays and or extensions to the contract period. Latest IT methods are available for detailed review and demonstration of how unplanned events have impacted the schedule and shifted responsibilities.

Dispute resolution

We can assist with dispute resolution.